How to write an introduction that earns trust and attention.

Hook your readers with an unforgettable introduction

Rubbish introductions lose readers. Killer introductions hook readers. No matter what you want your writing to achieve, if you want your audience to keep reading — your introduction must be killer.

What’s an introduction?

Your introduction is your 10-second elevator pitch. It’s the most important part of any content, whether you’re writing a blog, documentation, or an entire book.


Because the strength of your introduction determines if your readers will stay the course, read your content and follow your call to action.

What should I include in an introduction?

A killer introduction is not complex. In fact, it has just three simple elements

You might not see the audience at this year’s virtual events, but you get the picture!

Have a great story to share? Hopefully you’re considering pitching yourself as a speaker? With so many fantastic virtual events on the horizon this year, it’s an unrivalled opportunity to connect with peers across global communities, share your knowledge and boost your profile.

But — and it’s a big but — getting through the gates is tough, especially when you’re setting your sights on a major conference in the tech world.

Luckily, there are some tried and trusted techniques to capture the event organizers’ attention and position you high on the agenda.


You must, absolutely, know your audience — it’s…

Embrace awkwardness and riff like there’s still thousands of folks in the room with you

I recently moderated a global virtual event for the first time — CamundaCon LIVE. Yes, I did have tech issues and looked like a total goofball, sitting silently grinning at the camera while I was actually live. But happily, my speakers didn’t experience any tech missteps, gave fantastic presentations and were able to connect virtually with a huge audience through dedicated Slack channels.

Seeing as online events are planned well into next year, I wanted to share some lessons I learned during this process, to help as you navigate online moderation and presentation in the tech world.

1. It will be strange without an audience

Remember when we…

Four hidden tricks to focus your copy and silence your doubts.

Ever worry that you’re not good at writing?

Want to know a secret? As a professional tech writer, I’m fortunate to work with seriously intelligent and talented folks. But almost every time I’m sent copy for editing, it’s prefaced with: “I’m really not very good at writing.”

Honestly, hands up, who hasn’t doubted their writing abilities? It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re a professional writer second-guessing your copy, or a developer agonising over your latest presentation. Your confidence gets knocked every time a document comes back, covered in red ink, re-writes and tough comments. …

Charley Mann

Charley Mann is a recovering journalist, runner & wine lover, helping software developers unlock their writing potential & turning code into prose @

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